How to Prepare Your Dog For Boarding

At the end of the day, your dog loves you and considers you a part of the family. Leaving your dog behind and leaving them to board can be stressful for both you and your pet. It can be even more challenging if your dog has separation anxiety.

Going on trips shouldn’t be more stressful than it has to be for you or your dog. It’s essential you look into the boarding facilities in Duluth to find the ones with the best reviews and practices. There are also plenty of ways to prepare your dog for the often stressful time. Read our blog to learn more, and call Tiger Tails Animal Hospital at (770) 817-9565.


dog boarding in duluth, gaDon’t Settle

Before prepping your dog for a stressful stay, make sure you find a suitable facility. Participating in a proper tour can help you make this decision. Make sure you ask yourself if the facility has everything your dog needs. Do they provide good toys and care? Is there room to run around?

If your dog struggles with other dogs, find a facility that allows for a few playtimes and doesn’t shove them all into the same room all day. There’s a wide variety of different facilities out there that meet different needs. The best way to ensure you have a comfortable stay is to put her in a comfortable hotel!


Practice Crate Training

Many facilities let dogs roam during the day but will often require dogs to stay in crates during the night. If the boarding place uses crates, try preparing your dog by putting her in a crate at home. Let her get used to being in the space when you leave the house, so it’s not so scary for her while she’s boarding.


Try a Boarding Trial

Some facilities allow your dog to do a trial stay. If you’re going on a longer trip and your dog hasn’t been to the boarding facility before, having her stay the night can help ease her into the concept of boarding. This will often familiarize your dog with the facility as well, making it less difficult to go back.


Make Sure Your Dog Is Up to Date on Vaccinations

To ensure your dog can actually stay at the facility, it’s imperative you take him to the vet to get any necessary vaccinations. Many places require your dog to have a clean bill of health as well. If your dog needs vaccine updates, you have to get them done at least a week before their stay so the vaccine can take effect.


Bring Your Dogs Food, Medication, and Favorite Treats

While some places will offer food in-house, it’ll be a much better experience for your dog to have her own food with her. You don’t want to have her adjust to too much at once. Some facilities ask you to bring food prepackaged for each day; some ask you to bring enough for the duration of the stay in a single bag with feeding instructions. Your facility of choice will have more information on how to package the food and medication.

Bringing your dogs favorite treats is another small way to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable. Many facilities allow this. Most places don’t allow rawhides or treats that could pose a risk to your dog.


Bring Your Dog’s Bed and Toys

Make your dog feel more at home with his favorite things. Some facilities don’t allow you to bring your dog’s bed and toys, so make sure it’s okay before you do. If your dog is very attached to certain toys and beds, try and find a facility that allows you to bring some of his things.


Socialize your Dog

In a boarding facility, your dog will likely have to spend a lot of time with other dogs. Make sure she’s appropriately socialized before going on your trip. Take her to parks and places where she can meet other dogs. If she’s unaccustomed to meeting other dogs when you drop her at the kennel, it can be upsetting for her as well as dangerous.


Drop your Dog off in the Morning

If it fits your schedule and If the facility permits, drop your dog off in the morning so he gets more time to adjust to the kennel before bed.


Say Goodbye Quickly

A long and dramatic goodbye is tempting, yes. It’s hard to let go of your little companion. Unfortunately, long goodbyes can be stressful for your dog and inform them that something is wrong. Try to give them a quick pat on the head as if you’re simply leaving to go out for a run.


Enjoy Your Trip

Everyone has to travel. If you’ve found the right boarding facility and given your dog the preparation he needs, he’ll be fine. Most boarding facilities send nightly updates, so you can get the reassurance that your furry friend is safe and secure. If you’re going on vacation, your dog deserves a vacation too! Limiting the amount of stress your dog will experience is the best way to make that possible. To learn more about our services, visit our boarding page, or call us at (770) 817-9565.