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Wish shopping for your pet was easier and more convenient? Now you can shop online for some of your pet’s essential items and have them shipped straight to your door–with no added shipping costs. See our online store links below.

Our Online Stores

Click on the links below to access our online stores. You’ll find a variety of food for dogs and cats, along with medications, supplements, grooming supplies, and more.

VetsFirstChoice Store

Get all your pet’s veterinarian-approved essentials here. Includes FREE 3 to 5-day shipping. Our VetsFirstChoice store includes a wide variety of medications for different acute and chronic conditions, in addition to food, dental care products, allergy management products, and first aid supplies.

Purina ProPlan VetDirect

Sign up for an account with VetDirect to access all the Purina ProPlan products you need for your dog or cat, including food, artificial pheromones, and hydration supplements. Shopping online gives you access to special rewards and coupons for your purchases.

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