puppy training classes in duluth, ga

Adult Dog & Puppy Training Classes

Your pet’s behavioral health is as important as their overall health. We strive to give our clients in Duluth and surrounding areas the opportunity to maximize their pet’s health any way possible. We’re proud to host adult dog and puppy training classes taught by Pawsibilities Dog Training & Behavior Services. Whether you’re housebreaking a new puppy or having ongoing concerns about your adult dog’s behavior, training classes will give you the tools to coach your pup. Call us today at (770) 539-0127.

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes focus on socialization to objects, sounds, surfaces, people, and other puppies while the puppy is in a critical learning period. Start your puppy out on the right paw with puppy 101 classes held by Pawsitive Practice at Tiger Tails Animal Hospital.

Adult Dog Classes

As your dog grows into adulthood, they still need guidance on their behavior. The adult dog training classes are a great way to fully integrate good behavior. Two different adult classes are held at Tiger Tails Animal Hospital: Manners 101 and Manners 102. Call us at (770) 539-0127 for more information today!

dogs playing frisbee