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Treating Cat & Dog Allergies in Duluth, GA

Pets can often suffer from skin and fur irritations. Like their human owners, pets can have food and environmental allergies, but they don’t always exhibit them the same way. If your pet has an unusual amount of dander, itchy skin or chronic ear infections, they would benefit from our pet dermatology services. We provide pet care for Duluth and all surrounding areas and offer a variety of treatment options to help with ear infections, fleas, and cat & dog allergies. Call us today at (770) 817-9565.

Treating Many Types of Concerns

Skin and allergy concerns can come from a variety of sources. Therefore, our pet dermatology services include a large variety of treatment options. Some of them include:

  • If your pet has food sensitivities, we offer nutritional counseling and herbal supplements.
  • If your pet is experiencing any type of skin or ear infection, our in-house laboratory can test for yeast and bacteria.
  • Dry, irritated skin can be treated with soothing shampoos or laser therapy.
  • Environmental allergies are common in pets in the southeast, so we offer oral, topical or collars to keep fleas from irritating your pet all year round.

Treating Ear Infections

Otitis, otherwise known as an ear infection, is one of the most common skin conditions seen in pets. Pets suffer from otitis when bacteria or yeast grow out of control in their ear canals and cause irritation. Skin allergies, long hair, and water can exacerbate the condition. It’s important to bring your pet in to see us at Tiger Tails Animal Hospital when they show signs of an ear infection, so we can prescribe the proper medication. Otitis can not only be uncomfortable to your pet, but painful. Signs of an ear infection include:

  • Head shaking
  • Odor coming from the ears
  • Dry skin around the ears
  • Discharge coming from the ears
  • Redness and swelling in and around ears
  • Scratching or pawing at ears

Preventing Fleas

Another common culprit of irritation is fleas and the remnants they leave behind. Your pet may develop irritation from only a small number of fleas because the saliva they leave behind after biting is extremely irritating. It’s important to keep your pet on year-round flea preventatives. We offer many types to suit your pet’s specific needs and lifestyle. Remember to bring your four-legged friend in for annual or biannual wellness exams, so we can make sure your pet’s skin is healthy and irritation free.

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