Veterinarian for Cats in Duluth, GA

For cats, visits to the veterinarian can be anything but fun. Unfamiliar people and places can make even the most relaxed cats stressed and unlike their chilled-out selves. At our cat hospital, we recognize these unique needs with specially trained staff, added pheromones, and a calming environment. By providing a separate facility, we’re able to provide the same advanced care and services while making veterinary visits less stressful on our cat patients in Duluth, Suwanee, Johns Creek, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (770) 817-9580.

Our Services

All the services at The Cat Clinic at Tiger Tails are designed especially for cats with their unique needs in mind. The glass exam rooms allow your cat to see outside and toys can be found in every room. Before any service, we perform a full physical exam and visit with you about any concerns you have about your pet’s health. Our services take your cat’s entire well-being into account.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wellness Plans keep your cat healthy and identify concerns before they become serious health issues.
  • Teeth cleaning, including scaling to remove troublesome tartar that leads to gum disease and at-home recommendations.
  • Dermatology and laboratory testing to soothe skin irritations, and control dander and allergies.
  • Spay and neuter surgery using only the best practices and procedures in veterinary medicine.
  • We use Purevax Feline Rabies Vaccinations designed specifically for cats and other core and noncore vaccinations to give them optimal protection.
Two Cats Playing In Duluth Ga
Two Cats Playing In Duluth Ga
Holding Cat

How a Cat-Only Veterinarian is Less Stressful

Since cats show the subtlest signs when they're sick or in pain, a separate cat hospital helps us focus on their specific facial and behavioral cues.  Other things that set our cat hospital apart:

  • Special pheromones mimic cats’ natural environment by indicating our area is safe.
  • We can provide helpful tips on how to bring your cat to us easier and with less stress.
  • No dogs allowed at our cat-only hospital! We eliminate exposure to other animals, like dogs, who can increase stress and fear in cats.
  • Cats may express extreme displeasure during unfamiliar situations, but we're prepared to care for them.
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Please call us at (770) 817-9580 for any more information about our hospital, how we keep cats less stressed, or to make an appointment. If your family includes dogs and cats and you want to bring them for an appointment at the same time, we’re happy to accommodate you at our canine hospital.