Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Duluth, GA

We want only the best for your loyal companion at Tiger Tails Animal Hospital. That’s why we offer core cat and dog vaccines and lifestyle-specific vaccines for your pet’s complete protection. Because vaccinations protect against dangerous and highly contagious viral and bacterial diseases, they’re an essential part of the routine pet care we recommend. To prevent the spread of infection, we encourage our clients in Duluth and surrounding communities to stick to a regular vaccination schedule. To get started, call us today at (770) 817-9565.

Dogs Playing With Ball Pit

Dog Vaccinations

If you have a new puppy, please schedule a wellness visit with us so we can administer their first round of vaccines. All vaccine schedules are customized and tailored to your pet’s lifestyle.

Dogs Playing With Ball Pit

Cat Vaccinations

We offer some of the safest and most effective cat vaccines for your feline family member. Kittens should visit us during their first few months of life for their initial vaccines and every month thereafter, until the vaccination series is complete, when they are around 18 weeks of age.

Cat Getting Vaccination

Call our animal hospital at  (770) 817-9565 with any questions you have about all the different pet vaccines we offer here in Duluth. At Tiger Tails, we want only the best for your pet, and we’re committed to keeping them healthy, safe, and happy for as many years as possible!