Providing Convenient, Remote Pet Care with Video Visits

Does your pet need a quick recheck with their vet? Do they have a minor symptom or illness you want to talk about with us? We are happy to offer video visits for you and your pet as a convenience when traveling to our practice for an in-person appointment is unnecessary. While we are more than happy to see our patients in person for any reason, our video visits are designed for simple checkups and minor health issues, which can be sufficiently discussed remotely. Video visits save you valuable time and energy and allow you to connect with a veterinary professional from the comfort of home, or anywhere else you happen to be.

Video Visit In Duluth Ga

Are There Any Requirements for a Video Visit?

Our video visits provide you and your pet with the same attentive care and thorough communication you can expect from an in-person appointment at our hospital. However, we do require that your pet has had a thorough wellness exam with us in the last 12 months. If they are due for an exam, we will ask to see your pet in person so we can perform a proper health check and make sure they are not harboring any underlying illness.

What Warrants a Video Visit for My Pet?

Not sure if your pet qualifies for a video visit? Here are some of the common issues we can handle remotely:

  • Post-op re-checks to make sure your pet is recovering and healing well from their surgery
  • Sudden onset of lameness/limping
  • Recent onset of diarrhea (within last 2 days)
  • Behavioral problems (chewing furniture, aggressiveness, vocalizing)
  • Showing signs of a skin problem (rash, dandruff, licking and chewing at skin)
  • Chronic vomiting at a certain time of day; vomiting bile
  • Ear infection (ear appears red and swollen)
  • Onset of coughing (within last 2-3 days)
Video Visit In Duluth Ga

How to Set Up a Video Visit with Us

Arranging a video visit with Tiger Tails Animal Hospital involves just a few easy steps:

  • Schedule your video visit by Requesting an Appointment in the bottom right corner and filling out the form.
  • Under “Reason for Visit” on the form, type in “Video Visit”.
  • Right before the video visit, make sure your smartphone camera is on and ready so you can speak with your vet and receive helpful information and recommendations for your pet

What You Can Expect with a Video Visit

  • Once you have scheduled your video visit online, we’ll provide you with directions and a link. You will not need to do any downloading.
  • A video visit costs $40.
  • We highly recommend designating a quiet, well-lit part of your home to conduct the video visit, so we can communicate clearly with you and see your pet, as well! Also, be sure to check your wireless connection.
  • If you do end up having connectivity issues before your video visit, give us a call so we can help!
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