Cat & Dog Imaging & Diagnostics in Duluth, GA

We’re proud to serve our patients in Duluth and all surrounding areas with state-of-the-art cat and dog imaging and diagnostic capabilities. Our X-ray machine, ultrasound, and in-house laboratory help us diagnose and further treat a wide array of medical conditions. When a physical exam uncovers possible illness or disease, we’re happy to have such helpful tools at our disposal. Our skilled and knowledgeable veterinarians are prepared to study your pet’s internal systems and laboratory results to diagnose complex conditions as well as test for common ones. Call us today at (770) 817-9565.


High-Tech Care with Cat & Dog Imaging

The range of veterinary conditions and illnesses digital radiography (X-rays) and ultrasonography can diagnose is lengthy. Digital X-rays process at a nearly instantaneous rate, so we can promptly figure out what’s ailing your pet. All our radiographs are sent out to be read by a board-certified radiologist. Our ultrasound machine shows us three-dimensional images in real-time so we can see what’s going on inside your pet’s abdomen.

Some conditions digital X-rays and ultrasonography can help us diagnose:

  • We’re able to analyze the size, shape, and place of organs to diagnose various organ diseases including liver, kidney, and heart disease.
  • We can observe tooth decay and any bone loss from periodontal disease using X-rays.
  • Bladder or kidney stones can be diagnosed.
  • Pancreatitis can be accurately diagnosed.
  • We can assess orthopedic problems such as arthritis, fractures, and soft tissue injury.
  • We can perform barium studies to check for gastrointestinal obstruction.
  • Our team can accurately estimate litter sizes.

Testing for Concerns with Laboratory Analysis

With our full in-house laboratory, we can check for many types of diseases and infections. For senior pets and pets with underlying concerns, we can run bloodwork and take a urine sample to check organ function and thyroid levels. Through urinalysis, our doctors can tell if your pet is experiencing a urinary tract infection (UTI), diabetes, or liver disease.

Looking In Microscope

For more information about our in-house diagnostics and how we use them to keep your pet happy and healthy, please call us at (770) 817-9565.